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About Janet Houlihan
7 Reasons why choosing Janet from Houlihan Realty is a winner for home sellers . . . . 1. Proven track record of successful selling on the Gold Coast with Janet achieving over $100 million worth of sales in the last 15 years selling over 250 properties from Robina to Runaway Bay and beyond! 2. No agency pressure to get a sale at any cost, to push you into auction or to slug you large display advertising fees to boost their corporate image. 3. I need your referral for my next listing — so my sole goal is to please my seller – not some manager with targets back at a corporate office. 4. Your house will not be used to sell other properties off. I will be honest and up front about your property from the outset and won’t promise you a magic price or tell you I have a buyer just to get the listing nor will I take on an overpriced listing to use it sell other properties off. 5. I have time to sit and talk to you and answer your questions and give you the feedback from viewings. Because I choose to take on a small number of listings at any one time it gives me the time spend on your property. Time to have a coffee with you after the open home, time to carefully follow up all enquiries on your property and time to personally contact my data base to tell them about your property. 6. No door knocking, telemarketing and other time consuming things other agents have to do each week to scratch around for a new listing. Instead because I rely on referrals my focus is 120% effort on actually selling your property - you will find me to be a very pro-active agent. 7. You will be treated the same way as I would treat selling my parent’s house or my sister’s house—that is with reverence, respect and integrity. You won’t be bullied or harangued in any way. You will be politely relinquished from the agency agreement if at any time you feel that I have not performed as promised.